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PigletLIFE - Farrowing house course


PigletLIFE - Farrowing house course

In connection with the piglet life course, the aim of which is to improve piglet survival rates, we have developed a course focussing on the extra details which turn a good farrowing house carer into an excellent one.

About this course

Correct execution of farrowing house routines, combining theory with practice. The course has been developed by experts from SEGES, Svinerådgivningen (“The pig advisory board”) and Erhvervsakademi Aarhus (Business Academy Aarhus). The course also teaches good routines and offers input from four well-run Danish piggeries.

The course visits
Jonas Würtz - God Gris - Horsens
Mette Hjorth - Dalhus - Egtved
Jeppe Haugbjerg - Gammel Præstegaard - Ringkøbing
Danni Sørensen - Store Vognsbæk - Fredrikshavn

What will you learn?

The course covers the following topics:
- Cleaning and hygiene
- Farrowing pen preparation
- Piglet survival in the first critical hours
- Relocation strategies
- Health
- Fixed routines and
- Feeding in the farrowing house

Course developer

Course Staff Image #1

Rikke Ingeman Svarrer

Project Manager, SEGES

Course Staff Image #2

Kristian Juul Volshøj

Agronomist, Svinerådgivningen

Course Staff Image #2

Andreas Vest Weber

Lecturer on pig issues at Business Academy Aarhus – Author of the book Svinehold en grundbog (“A Primer of Pig Breeding”)

Prerequisite knowledge

The course is intended for staff already familiar with farrowing house routines. However, there will also be useful information for beginners to the area, as well for experienced farrowing house work-ers.