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Milking - an introductory course

Milking - an introductory course

Proper milking rutines, and proper handling of the milk is of great importance. With proper rutines, cleanliness and animal wellfare, you will receive a higer yield, better pay from the dairy and lower medicine expenses. This course teaches the basics of proper milking rutines, ad why it is important.

About the Course

In this course you will learn:
1. Proper milking procedures
2. The how and why of milk hygiene
3. Smart solutions and rutines, that will result in better milk quality
4. The importance of the milking procedures in the production of dairy products.

Course Creators

Course Staff Image #1

René Andersen

Milk Quality Advisor, SEGES

Course Staff Image #2

Hans Henrik Bentin

Milk Quality Advisor, SEGES

Necessary background knowledge

This is a 101 course, dedicated to introducing new workers to the daily work on a dairy farm.

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    Milking - an introductory course
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    5-6 hours / week